Freiwillige Helferin: Virginia

Virginia Val-Campo

Freiwillige Helferin/ Volunteer im Schuljahr 2016/2017

Question: Where are you from and how did you happen to get volunteering our school?Virginia
Virginia: I am from a small city called Huesca, it is close to the Pyrenees and the border of France. In Spain we are having a big economic crisis and there is not job, so two years ago I started to look for grants and voluntary services. My friend Isa, who works at the Popular Culture Centre in Huesca, told me about the European Voluntary Service and it is when I read about several alternative schools in Germany and Austria. Then I saw your Freie Schule in Linz and I liked it, so I sent my motivation letter and you accepted me."

Frage: What is especially important to you when you interact with children.
Virginia: "I feel good when children do what they want and need, so I am the person who support it only in case they need my help. When I interact with children I love their smiles and I like feeling they are having a good time, at the moment I interact with them using sounds and expressions, something I had never done before. I have discovered that it is a good way to learn and improve communication skills. So when they ask me for something and they use sounds and face expressions, it makes me feel good because all of us are learning."